Colorado, California and Oregon have been experiencing major forest fires for the past couple of months. There was heavy smoke in the Front Range city of Boulder on occasions when the wind was right. Fire hit Boulder County on October 17 at mid-day. The Cal-Wood Fire broke out in the mountains north-west of the City of Boulder, near the town of Jamestown. The fire moved rapidly during Saturday afternoon. As of Sunday morning, October 18, 8 AM, the fire had already consumed over 7,000 acres of forest, along with an outbreak on the prairie at US-36.
The Boulder ATV repeater, W0BTV, has been transmitting views of the forest fire. The camera is located at the home of KH6HTV, south-east of the city of Boulder, and 13-15 miles from the fire. Using a long telephoto lens, the KH6HTV TV camera has been able to view the fire along the Front Range as it approached the first ridge of the foothills of the Rocky Mountains. The TV images are being received at the Boulder County ARES (BCARES) command post in the Boulder County Emergency Operations Center (EOC). There they are then being displayed on a large-screen video monitor for the EOC staff.
The W0BTV repeater video is being streamed live over the British Amateur TV Club's server in the U.K. The right audio channel on the BATC stream is carrying the live audio from the BCARES, 2 meter, FM repeater, 146.76 MHz with the emergency net traffic. Fortunately, now there is nothing to be seen on the TV repeater's video image, as a cold front has rolled in with light rain and fog -- great news for helping suppress the fire. -- Boulder Amateur Television Club TV Repeater's REPEATER, October 18, 2020, issue