Loyd C Headrick
331 Hinch St 4909a
Spring City TN 37381
United States
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Miscellaneous Information:

I will try to keep up with the latest news about amateur radio and things going along for me. To start with a little background about me. I was born here in Chattanooga TN, and moved north 7 years later to West Chester OH. 25 miles north of Cincinnati, OH near Voice of America site.

I became interested in radio around my 16, and got my first license (KIT-3528) CAN'T BELIEVE I REMEMBER THAT. during the blizzard of 1978 I worked with a ham at a Red Cross shelter, I had a portable CB setup and he had a 2 meter radio we setup with both radios available for both to use he had gave me his callsign and I gave him mine. My first time operating in a real emergency situation,  I wanted to get my amateur license but couldn't between work and school.

I got the bug again to get licensed 1997 so I just when to a Chattanooga Amateur Radio Club meeting with no studying for test, missed the first test by 1 question the VE;s let me retest and passed it. about a week or so later I received my first callsign for amateur radio (KF4UGT) and used that call until 2003 and filed for a vanity call (K4LCH) my initials then started studying for general class after FCC dropped the code requirement to 5 wpm. I passed the written portion no problem had trouble with the code , kept working on the code practice about a year later I tried again had to retake general written again as the CSCE expired I passed written  general and extra but missed  the code again tried again the next month passed the code this time solid 1 minute copy. The VE's made me sweat it out waiting until last one left to tell me I passed now I jumped from technician to extra class. Had a friend the moved to Fl. a few month earlier I wanted to surprise him by calling him on the air but he was at the meeting and the VE's announced that I passed my test(spoiled my fun).

 I got on the air and been having fun since, I liked the new digital modes as required very little power to talk around the world, then in 2015 I decide to get a call sign to better indicate my license class first tried a 1x2 with just my initials but already assigned , checked 2x2  call and was able to get NE4LH. Now WX4LH

 Back to enjoying using the new call on the air when I can




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